Chance Fashion is a runway of opportunity for all Designers, Models, Photographer, Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists. Hosted the 2nd Saturday of each month, Chance features 12 different themes throughout the year, each of which practicing an inclusive participation policy welcoming all talents, both experienced and new. This is a great way to connect with your local fashion community, practice your trade, and develop your portfolio.

With a diversity of themes throughout the year such as the full-figured, menswear, and petite editions of Chance, registered participants will have the opportunity to get involved with a broad variety of events.

If you are new to the fashion scene, Chance is a great place to get your feet wet through hands-on experience.  If you’re an established fashion entrepreneur, this is a great way to get connected to up-and-coming artists who are active in the local community.

We also regularly produce open photo shoots, networking events, and other opportunities to support the growth of the local fashion scene. Any registered participant will receive regular email updates about any upcoming opportunities!