A Chance for Designers


Welcome to Chance Fashion! Showcase your designs, connect with independent artists, and network within your local fashion community through a fast-paced, ongoing fashion event. Chance Fashion welcomes designers of any genre or experience level to participate in our uniquely interactive runway showcases. This is a great opportunity to gain hands-on access to photographers, models, hair stylists, makeup artists, designers, and other fashion enthusiasts to assist in the growth and development of your brand.

Unlike traditional fashion events, Chance is built on an inclusive participation policy, encouraging any fashion artist to get involved. We do our best to ensure that each event practices equal opportunity production procedures to accommodate a wide variety of talent throughout each year. Please take a moment to review Chance Fashion’s 501c3 non-profit Mission Statement. 

What we Provide: All the essentials you need to produce your fashion show. 

  • Exposure to an existing community of Chance Fashion supporters & the Seattle Fashion Community.
  • A runway to showcase your designs.
  • Venue & venue facilitation. (Lighting, audio, backstage needs, etc.)
  • Fully staffed and experienced production team to coordinate the event
  • Editorial and runway photography coverage from multiple photographers with access to images within 2 weeks of the show available at gallery.chancefashion.org
  • Inclusion in preliminary & post-event marketing.

About the Chance Fashion demographics.


Chance is a an opportunity for local fashion enthusiasts to catch the latest trends from independent local designers. Each monthly event features a pre-determined theme on the runway, appealing to a different audience with each show.  Attendees are generally fashion-affluent & passionate about supporting their local fashion scene. In general, our shows cater to an age 21+ with the occasional 18+ show. Attendees range from ages 21-65, with a 60% female base.

Designers Requirements.


  •  Must be willing to work with the production team and other designers to ensure a community-focused effort. This means sharing models, hair/makeup looks, or other resources.
  •  Provide a minimum of 6 complete looks or outfits. (Max will vary per show.)
  • You must be present for the full length of both the rehearsal and the show. Rehearsals are 3 hours long, generally hosted 6-9PM the Wednesday prior the show. Shows are 5 hours long, generally 5-10PM. (2nd Saturdays in Seattle, dates vary otherwise.)
  • Be present on time for both rehearsal and show. If you have special circumstances, such as being underage for the venue, live out of state, or cannot be physically present for the event, you may provide Chance Fashion with the authority to handle your garments for you. This information must be confirmed with Chance Staff upon confirmation of the event, and garments must be in Staff hands ready to go no later to the Monday prior to the show.
  • Garments must be show ready for fittings day of rehearsal.
  • Designers are required to have finished garments present at 5PM day of show. Any garment that is not completed may not be showcased.
  • Ensure all garments meet the theme or genre of given event.
  • Communicate in a timely manner & follow instruction throughout your participation. Failure to correspond may result in removal from show.
  • Must be willing to work with a diversity of participating models. As an inclusive event, Chance welcomes ALL models to apply, including models who are under experienced, gender fluid, or outside of a designers general creative direction. Designers must be willing to work with resources available to them during the rehearsal or show.

We want you to see how Chance works for yourself! Contact Designer@ChanceFashion.org to inquire about our next event, we’ll put you and a friend on the list to see for yourself! Experience the event and become a part of the Chance Fashion Community. Then, if you’d like to showcase, we’ve developed a Designer Sponsorship Program that facilitates a designer of abilities and need. Find that information here.

The Process


A) Read the Rules & Procedures to for necessary participation info.
B) Register as a Chance Fashion Participant below. 

Once this has been completed, you will be added to the Chance Fashion Database, become eligible to participate, and begin to receive email updates about any upcoming opportunities.

Your point of contact will be Designer@ChanceFashion.org.

Be sure to add this email address to your contact list to ensure you receive the emails, and if at any point you would no longer like to receive updates, simply unsubscribe.

A) Find a theme or date that works for you in the Monthly Show Calendar: http://chancefashion.org/register
B) Fill out the Event Registration Form that provides us the necessary info we need from you. (NOTE: You will not be able to view the Event Registration Form until you register as a Chance Fashion Participant.

Once you’ve registered for a specific event, you can expect further communication from Designer@ChanceFashion.org

Once you have submitted an Event Registration Form, the Chance Fashion Team will:
– Compile your information with information submitted by other Designers for each given event.
– Update our Production, Marketing, & Casting Materials to prepare for your showcase.
– Distribute Casting Information & begin Marketing & Promotions.
–  Provide you updated Marketing & Promotional Materials.
– Provide you with Casting Information & Rehearsal Details.

The pre-production of each event will involve one-on-one communication between you and the Chance Fashion Staff Team. For information about your models, hair stylists, makeup artists, and addition information, please remember to review the Rules & Procedures and ensure you are aptly prepared.


Additional information about how the rehearsal and the show will operate will be provided via email from our Designer Coordinator.

To continue, please fill out the Chance Fashion Designer Registration Form below.


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