If you are a photographer interested in working with designers and models in professionally coordinated events and connecting with your local fashion community, this is your Chance!



  • Professional etiquette while working with models, other photographers, and participants.
  • Photos returned within 14 days of shooting.
  • No more than 3 images returned per garment featured in the show (roughly 150-200 images per show max).
  • Attendance at one event as a guest prior to shooting as a registered participant.
  • One-on-one shooting time with models in designer garments.
  • Hands-on experience to expand your fashion portfolio.
  • Great networking opportunities.
  • Exposure to the local fashion community.
  • Easy image distribution. We provide you a place to upload photos where other participants can easily find your album and download images.
  • Participants are required NOT to alter photos without your consent, and we will distribute your contact info for you if requested.
  1. Fill out the registration form below.
  2. The Chance Fashion Photography Director will process your registration and provide you further details about attending a future event.
  3. Attend an event and have an orientation with our Photography Director.
  4. You will then be registered in our database and will begin to receive email updates about shows, shoots, and any other opportunities Chance Fashion or Active Entertainment may have for you.
  5. Register for opportunities by responding to email updates and following directions accordingly.

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