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A view from Portland: newcomer Shana shares her experience

Chance Fashion recently made its debut in Portand, and we could not be more excited. And we aren’t the only ones – one of our models shared her experience on her blog. Here’s an excerpt:

Then the time came to get dressed. BubbleGunk provided me with these beautiful purple pants that tied around me. They had gold trim and inlay designs. They were as comfortable as pajamas and yet made me feel like royalty. Hildi from BubbleGunk, told me how she had been with Chance for years and was the Designer of the Year in 2015. Then Eleanor Josephine Artwear topped me off, literally with a beautiful, funky hat that I adored. With that, for the first time, I actually felt like a model! Honored to do so as well.

She pretty much killed it on the runway, too!


Check out the rest of Shana’s story at her blog. Thanks for being part of Chance, Shana!