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Moonflower’s designer and creator Megan Yeager explains the inspirations behind her new spring and summer collections, and speaks on the importance of environmentally responsible fashion production.


Original Moonflower piece, designed and styled by Megan Yeager. Photo by Gene Wang



CF: You’ll be presenting at Chance Fashion’s 2017 Spring/Summer Show in April, What is the name and concept of the collection you will be showcasing?
MY: In Seattle, I plan to show 4 looks each from my spring & summer lines, as they are separate but cohesive. My spring line has an “Easter Kawaii” theme, it’s very cute and girly, bunnies and kittens, short skirts, and gathered sleeves. My summer line is a touch more sophisticated, lots of color, long dresses, ‘boho chic’, as they say. I’ll be showing the lines in their entirety at the Olympia Chance Fashion show with Pieces to Peaces for accessories.


How much time did you spend developing this collection?
I started piecing together the spring line last fall, when I had kitten fabrics that wouldn’t work for my fall cat fashion. My boyfriend brought me some fabrics from Malaysia, one of which features bunnies, and the line was developed from there. My summer line started coming together only recently, after a trip to LA.


How much editing goes into designing your fashion lines? Do you ever cut pieces out of a collection last minute?
If anything, I’m too tame for my actual point of view. I cut things out if there are fit and construction issues. Last year I didn’t even do that!


An original Moonflower piece, designed by Megan Yeager


Do you ever see yourself incorporating Moonflower into a boutique or shop environment?
Yes, absolutely. In the long term, I’d love to operate a collective boutique in Olympia that features all the amazing handmade art-wear we have in town.


Have you considered pursuing costume designing for film or stage?
Yes. It’s on my bucket list to design and costume for a ballet company.


What is the biggest difficulty you’ve experienced in the fashion industry?
The pollution and human rights violations created by the “fast fashion” industry is devastating to me, and it’s the biggest reason it took me so long to embrace the industry. It’s garbage clothing; made from plastics by people who are paid very little in developing countries, often in unsafe or unhealthy conditions. That’s what most of America is wearing, it fills up malls and department stores and then after its worn for a year, its thrown away. That’s not what clothes should be. Clothes should be made with love. Clothes should live a second and third and fourth life.


An original Moonflower piece, designed and styled by Megan Yeager. Photo by Gene Wang


In your interview for the 2017 Lingerie Show, you mentioned using your platform as a fashion designer to promote awareness for social activism and causes. Are you at all concerned that your personal stance on current political issues might effect your sales and popularity?
No. It’s more important to stand up for what is right than to line my pockets. Always. Always. Always. I will never say otherwise.


Do you have any advice for designers and artists that want to use their position and brand to make a difference, but may be worried that their personal opinion might alienate their customer base?
You’ll lose a few knuckle draggers, but you’ll gain a rainbow of supporters. Never be afraid to be yourself, that’s literally the beauty of fashion designing, you are expressing who you are and how you see the world through clothing.


What’s next for you and MoonFlower, any upcoming projects?
The Olympia chance show is the week after the Seattle show! I have a tiny hand in helping with the production of this show. After that, swimwear and pixie wear for the Pixie Dust Festival. I’m considering dancing in AMDEF this year as part of my set… That could get very weird.

Megan Yeager will be showcasing at Chance Fashion’s 2017 Spring/Summer Show on April 8th.

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