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Creator of Pinky Herrera Designs, Sandra Wise is a renowned dressmaker and fashion designer from Seattle, WA. Fusing classic style influences with meticulous garment construction, Wise’s past collections include everything from couture wedding gowns and ballet costumes, to swimsuits and ready-to-wear. Now, after a 5 year hiatus, Wise intends to re-introduce her brand to the Seattle fashion scene, and is set to present at Chance Fashion’s Spring/Summer Show in April.



Original Pinky Herrera swimsuit, designed and styled by Sandra Wise



Chance Fashion: How long have you been designing?
Sandra Wise: I created my first original design when I was twelve years old. Do I have to say how long ago that was? It was a jean skirt. The trend was to take a pair of jeans, split the leg seams open and cut it to skirt length and then use the remaining leg portion to form triangle shaped panels to fill in between the leg seams, creating a skirt. I wanted mine to be different so I formed the triangle panel by piecing together all kinds of denim scraps into a patchwork design.


Where are you from originally?
I was born in Seattle.


Are you active in your local fashion scene?
The last few years have been very difficult for me personally, so it’s been five years since I have been “visible” in the local fashion scene. That’s not to say I haven’t been working. Lately, I’ve been collaborating with Saqra Raybuck of Fearless Glamour designing and creating some really amazing belly dance costumes. I’ve also continued to do custom work, including a wedding gown for my daughter.


Original Pinky Herrera gown, designed and styled by Sandra Wise


You’ll be presenting at Chance Fashion’s 2017 Spring/Summer Show in April, what is the name and concept of the collection you’ll be showcasing?
I don’t usually name my collections. The concept for this show is a fusion of current spring trends and elements from my Hispanic roots. You will see some influences from my grandmother’s native Colombia as well as a little Frida Kahlo.


What “genre” of fashion most describes your design aesthetic?
I favor very classic, structured clothing with a lean toward retro/ vintage styles. I have to push myself to break out of that, because I think that’s only appealing to a small group.


What are your favorite fabrics and materials to use?
I like it all!


Original Pinky Herrera swimsuit, designed and styled by Sandra Wise


As a fashion designer, what are your creative influences?
Well, my fashion icon and favorite source of ideas is Jackie Kennedy. I love Coco Chanel, especially some of her earlier, less recognized pieces.


Are you self taught in design?
Yes, I am.


Where can potential customers see and purchase your designs? They can visit my in home studio in Kent; check out my Facebook page, Pinky Herrera Designs or visit my Etsy shop of the same name. I am hoping to have my website up again soon and will be having a mobile boutique at the Kent Farmer’s Market this summer.


Original Pinky Herrera menswear, designed and styled by Sandra Wise


Why did you choose Chance Fashion as an outlet for your brand?
Ryan shamed me in to it, LOL!
Actually, I chose Chance Fashion because it feels safe and comfortable for me after so many years away. I know I’ll get a lot of good exposure quickly.


What’s next for you and your brand? Any upcoming projects? 
Watch for men’s underwear, as well some swimsuits and sundresses. My dream project right now is designing the perfect women’s black t-shirt!

Sandra Wise will be showcasing at Chance Fashion’s 2017 Spring/Summer Show on April 8th

Purchase your tickets here: chancefashion.strangertickets.com