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Chance Fashion thanks our Starbucks Dollars for Doers!

As a big THANK YOU for all of the current Starbucks employees that have donated their time and energies to Chance Fashion, and supported us financially through the Starbucks Employee Giving Program, Chance is offering free admission to the Alternative & Club Wear Edition for all employees of Starbucks! Contact Bob@ChanceFashion.org to register for free tickets.
Chance Fashion is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources & opportunities to aspiring fashion Artists of all levels. “Dollars for Doers” is a program that enables participating volunteers to support Chance with additional funding through select employers. Any volunteer can track their hours donated to Chance, submit that time to their employer, and their employer will donate a check to Chance equivalent to the number of hours worked by the volunteer. (Company policies vary.)
Funds received through the Dollars for Doers program contribute directly back to the community through hands-on opportunities such as monthly fashion productions and quarterly photo shoots, as well as expanding those opportunities with improved production capabilities and expanded marketing & outreach programs. As an ongoing effort, Chance will be thanking a new company participating in the Dollars for Doers program regularly with free admission for the entire company. Stay tuned at our Blog for more announcements.
Chance Fashion welcomes any employee from Starbucks to participate in the “Dollars for Doers” program with us. Any time volunteered by a Starbucks employee to Chance Fashion will be matched by a cash grant from Starbucks to our 501c3 Organization. Please contact Bob@ChanceFashion.org to inquire.