If you support the Chance Fashion Mission Statement and wish to donate your time to a 501c3 Non Profit entity, we’d love your support! If you’re interested in Fashion Marketing, Human Resource Management, Public Relations, Technology, or Event Production, we are constantly accepting new members to the team!

Here’s how it works!

1) Submit the Volunteer Registration Form below. 

2) A Chance Fashion Staff Member will review your application and contact you to discuss further. (Expect a 48 hour response and to schedule a 30-60 minute in-person meeting.)  

3) We will discuss your Application, consider options, and work with you to develop your official Staff Detail based on your skill sets and time commitments. 

4) Once you approve of your Staff Detail, it will be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. (Expect a 48 hour response.)

5) Once approved, we’ll introduce you to the rest of your team and get you started! 


  • Have a genuine passion for creating an inclusive fashion community. 
  • Must be a great communicator. 
  • Can volunteer as little or as much time per month as suits you. 
  • Must be reliable, timely, and capable of following through. 

* These fields are required.


In addition, if you work for a company that participates in a gift-matching program, your donated time could be matched by your employer in the form of a small grant to Chance Fashion. (Contact Bob@ChanceFashion.org to inquire about our “Dollars for Doers” program.)

Available Positions at Chance Fashion!

Content Managers: Contribute to content posting and development in various platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the Website. This could be as simple as sharing and inviting friends to event pages & re-posting videos / photos, or as involved as writing event descriptions & maintaining content credits.

Photo Processors: Responsible for viewing large quantities of images and narrowing them down selectively for various uses. Must have a good eye for photography and a creative interest in both fashion and marketing.

Promoters: Promotional efforts include hand-to-hand flier distribution, retail flier distribution, social media promotions, and any effort that pertains directly to ticket sales and attendance for shows. This is great for social and outgoing individuals, folks who are either affluent or interested in the fashion community, style bloggers, and aspiring fashionistas looking to build the local fashion community. (Promoters capable of selling 10 tickets or more during any monthly show can retain a percentage of ticket sales.)

Creative Writers: Assist in writing event listings, newsletters, content for flyers, direct email blasts, blog posts, and other written content used to advertise and market Chance Fashion. This could be as simple as writing a simple blog post a month, or as involved as a series of direct email blasts throughout a year. We’re looking for people who both speak the “fashion language” and understand the mission and purpose of Chance to forward the brand development of the 501c3.

Talent Recruiters: Talent Recruiters will work with the Marketing Team to recruit Designers, Photographers, Models, Hair Stylists, and Makeup Artists to get involved with monthly shows. This could be as simple as re-posting talent recruitment efforts & passing out business cards, or as complex as managing online castings & facilitating participant data management.

Stage Hands: Help with setting up & taking down equipment  during monthly shows. This includes the runway, tables, chairs, venue decorations, or any other item before and after the show. Some heavy lifting required, an understanding of mechanics is appreciated, and punctual arrival and follow through is required. Call time for Stage Hands is 4:30 during each monthly event, running setup from 4:30-7:00, and cleanup from 9:30-10:30. (You’re welcome to relax and enjoy the show in between.)

Director of Hospitality: Oversees the creation of talent & attendee hospitality. This includes acquisition, creation, and distribution of gift bags for Models & VIP Guests, working with the Marketing & PR Team to ensure each event connects to both its Guests & Participants, & ensuring the general morale of the event is community oriented and uplifting, both front and back of house.